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The Mission

Our mission is to provide access to yoga and mindfulness to all communities within the NYC metropolitan area. We believe these techniques can be a tool to promote overall wellbeing.

About Us 

YogaShare came to existence when three yoga teachers came together and noticed that there are gaps in certain community's access to yoga. We all recognize the transformative capabilities that yoga can have on one's health and want to share that with everyone. We are dedicated to reinvesting all of the funds we receive back into the organization. 

Lynda Lawrence

Lynda's vision is to share yoga as a tool to better ones health both mental and physical. She has a special interest in working within the latino communities in NYC and medical settings. Lynda has taught in Nicaragua and Honduras and continues to teach in the clinic she works at for the underserved. Her 200 PYT training was completed at Avalon Yoga International in Palo Alto, California. 

Linda Lopes 

Linda Lopes is a trained and certified adult and youth Yoga Instructor.  Through her personalized group yoga sessions, she strives to meet the needs of the participants while creating a fun, relaxing and safe environment.  Her teaching consists of breath work, yoga postures, meditation, mindfulness techniques and focus/concentration activities. She is extremely passionate about working with both adults and adolescents to help them heal physically, mentally and emotionally.  

Alena Campo

Alena’s approach as a yoga teacher is to guide beings into their inner light. She is a 200-hour certified instructor trained at Laughing Lotus, Brooklyn and has received additional training in trauma-informed yoga and promoting inclusivity in the yoga classroom. Alena is looking forward to making yoga more available to all of New York City.